Why I prefer Linux

Linux is one of three most popular Operating Systems (OS) and it is developing rapidly today. Not only in the world but also in Vietnam, more and more people use Linux as the main OS for their computers.

I have used Ubuntu (a well-known Linux distro) for more than 1 year, and I am completely satisfied with whatever it brings. Unlike what lots of people think, Linux is very friendly and easy to use. Here are some main reasons why I love Linux.

1/ Virus and other malicious things

If you own a computer with Windows Operating System (OS), then what you have to face every day, besides your work, are viruses, trojans, spywares, adwares and other malicious things. Therefore, what you want besides the OSare firewall, anti-virus software, anti-trojan software and some other things like that to prevent all that you don’t want to appear in your computer. In addition, you may need to pray every day that all of those work effectively!

But if your computer is installed with Linux, then your box will bealmost immune to the toxics above. I use the word “almost immune”, because in fact, there are some viruses for Linux. However, more than one year from the day I installed Linux on my laptop, I still haven’t found any virus (of course, I don’t use any anti-virus program). Moreover, from some Linux users’ forums, I still have not found any complaint about virus problem.

You may say that Linux’s market is too small and it could not attract hackers. But in reality it is not so. Best hackers around the world areprofessional specialists on Linux/Unix system and they usually use these OSs to carry out attacks. As you have seen, the majority of servers in the world, especially in huge organizations such as banks, stock markets, government, Google, etc are operating on Linux. Clearly, attacks on servers will be more interesting than on your small PCs, right?

Furthermore, Linux is also more secured by its “open” and “freedom” features. Security holes will be quickly detected by thousands of programmers and millions of Linux users worldwide, who are given permission to examine theOS and see what is happening inside. By knowing exactlythecode lines from which the holes derived, the patches will be distributed immediately, even just a few minutes after the holes are detected.

Another important point is that Linux users are recommended not to use root account if not necessary. Therefore, you will not be able to modifythe system if you do not have administrator or super-user account. This has prevented virus from penetrating and destroying your system.

2/ Freedom!

Linux and Open source softwares are free. Their license is a “free license”. Therefore, the software license fee on a computer using Linux OS is nearly equals to zero.

Within Linux, you have the ability to know what running inside your box and how it works. Moreover, you can also customize and adjust your system according to your interests. Naturally, you can not do this to Windows and other close-source softwares.

One more benefit of free software is that you do not have to depend on a certain company. For example, what are you going to do when Microsoft stops selling Windows XP? You really love Windows XP, but you can not buy it any more, and the only way you can do is complying with Microsoft: upgrade to Windows Vista. But with Free software, if a particular project or support company stops working, the community can access the source code of the program and continue developing it. If that software is very important to you, you can also self-support yourself. If errors appear, you can submit them to everyone, talk to developers, or fix it by yourself (of course, you can hire somebody to do so), and send the patch to everyone.

In conclusion, you are free to do (nearly) whatever you want with the software.

3/ Programming

Linux gives excellent support for programming. Most of languages can work on Linux, even C# or Visual Basic from Microsoft. You can use the best IDE support for programming, or more simply, only use an editor and compiler (I prefer to use the second way with short codes because it’s very fast and convenient).

Using Code::Block to code C/C++ program…

… or only use two command: one for compilation and another for execution.

Due to the openness of Linux OS, you can reach up to system programming, understand how to compile, link and execute a program. Furthermore, you have the ability to understand how the kernel works. Therefore, you can participate in the developments of free and open source softwares, or even join in a Linux development group.

4/ Appearance

The old angle thinks that Linux is associated with CLI (Command Line Interface) is no longer true. In a few years, Linux has changed extremely fast on appearance. Today, it is not a “product” for experts any more, but has become a lot closer to common users.

Some Ubuntu interfaces.

By separating interface from kernel, Linux has a flexibility in modifying and customizing appearance. There are many interface management programs on Linux such as Gnome, KDE, Xcfe,… which are suitable for you. Moreover, each Linux distro has its own interface, and users can customize theirself. Therefore, computers installed with Linux rarely have completely similar appearances.


3 thoughts on “Why I prefer Linux

  1. These are all the things I love about Linux to. You can run large graphics on almost any computer. You’re able to change the desktop environment.

    One of the greatest things for me is the fact that programming is made so much better on Linux. You don’t have to worry about it crashing every 30 minutes.

    After you use Linux and learn about it for a few months you wonder why you didn’t get into years ago.

    Great Post


  2. [quote]
    There are many interface management programs on Linux such as Gnome, KDE, Xcfe,… which are suitable for you. Moreover, each Linux distro has its own interface, and users can customize theirself. Therefore, computers installed with Linux rarely have completely similar appearances[/quote]
    That’s why I always encourage people to try different distros rather than Ubuntu 😀

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